Bologna, Italy 12-15 September 2017

Final Extension: Submission of Paper Proposals

Following urgent requests from authors for an additional extension it was decided to extend the deadline for the submission of paper proposals to 31 March 2017.

Proposals for Symposia

The closing date for the submission of proposals for organising Mini-Symposia 31 March 2017. Please check the Call for Papers for details.

Invited Speakers

A number of keynote speakers who were invited to participate in ParCo2017 have already announced their attendance. Please check the Website for more details about the invited talks.

Program Committee Members

The list of Program Committee members published on the ParCo Website has been enhanced with a number of additional members and will be updated from time to time.

Publication of the Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of ParCo2017 will be published as a volume in the Advances in Parallel Computing book series, IOS Press, Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo.

Please check Author Instructions for the preparation of manuscripts.

Manuscripts can be prepared with any suitable word processor, e.g. Pages, LibreOffice, etc., as long as these adhere to the typing instructions.

Organisation of ParCo2017

The organisation of ParCo2017 is jointly executed by CINECA/SCAI at Bologna and the University of Pisa and CNR-ISTI at Pisa. The cooperation of these organisations creates a broad-based infrastructure and support for facilitating the conference.
Delegates to the conference may thus expect another top class event in the ParCo conference series.

Call for Papers

Mails calling for the submission of paper proposals were distributed on a wide scale.
If you did not receive the invitation please send a note with your present contact data and affiliation to: parco2017@cineca.it

Proposals for Mini-Symposia

The Call for Papers invites proposals for mini-symposia. Such proposals should be submitted by not later than 31 March 2017 to the conference office at parco2017@cineca.it

ParCo2017 Venue

The conference will be located at the Savoia Hotel Regency in Bologna. The hotel offers accommodation in addition to various facilities. The hotel complex is in easy reach from the main railway station, an area with a selection of additional hotel accommodation.
Delegates can make use of the special offers supplied via this Website or arrange their own accommodation.