Prague, Czech Republic, 10-13 September 2019

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The conference proceedings are published after the conference. An invitation to (an) author(s) to present a paper at the conference is based on an extended abstract or draft paper. The presentation of a paper at the conference does not automatically imply its acceptance for publication in the conference proceedings. All papers presented at the conference are refereed at or after the conference. Accepted papers are then eligible for publication in the proceedings. All papers presented and refereed as part of mini-symposia will be considered for publication in the proceedings. This will be done in liaison with the organiser(s) of the respective mini-symposium.

Author Instructions

Instructions for preparing a publication for publication in the conference proceedings can be obtained at Author Instructions.

Copyright Agreement

Instructions for preparing a publication for publication in the conference proceedings can be obtained at Author Copyright Agreement.

Review Process

The review process of the ParCo conferences includes the following steps:

  1. Review of submitted paper proposals. Acceptance of a proposal allows for a presentation by one of the authors at the conference. It does not imply acceptance for publication in the conference proceedings.
  2. Review of papers presented at the conference. This review results in an acceptance or rejection for publication in the conference proceedings.
  3. Revised versions of accepted papers are finally checked by the reviewers in order to ensure that any requested changes were implemented by the author(s).
The aim with this multi-step process is to:
  • Allow authors to incorporate new research results obtained right up to the start of the conference in their papers.
  • Assist authors (especially students) to improve their papers based on comments received from referees following the various review steps.
Disadvantages of this approach:
  • Papers presented at the conference may be rejected for publication in the conference proceedings.
  • The publication date of the final book of proceedings (printed and e-version) is usually during March/April of the year following the conference.

Indexing of Material Published in the Proceedings

Regarding the indexing of the papers published as part of the book the following comment was received from the publisher, IOS Press, Amsterdam:

"After a book appears online we will share the metadata of that book with the indexing services in which the book series is indexed. It depends a bit per service on how quickly they index books so it's difficult  to put a specific timeframe on it."

The present indexing services are:

ACM Guide to Computing Literature
Book Citation Index - Science*
Conference Proceedings Citation Index*
DBLP Bibliography Server

Note also that indexing is "Subject to approval after review".

Copyright and Publication of Papers from the Proceedings

Authors whose papers are published in the proceedings enter into an agreement with the publisher, IOS Press, Amsterdam. The details of the agreement are available from the publisher's Website at Author Copyright Agreement

Noteworthy is that the copyright remains with the author(s). Also note the conditions under which versions and extensions of papers from the proceedings may subsequently be published.

Proceedings of Previous Conferences

For electronic versions of proceedings published by IOS Press with colour graphics/images, see:

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