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1. Availability of the Proceedings

Up today the Proceedings are now available at your book store or by contacting Elsevier directly. The address:

Elsevier Science B.V
Sara Burgerhartstraat 25
1055 KV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31.20-4852911, Fax +31-20-4852457

The ISBN-Nr. is: 0 444 82882 6 and the retail price is: NLG 450,- (about 405,-- DM)

All delegates who paid a fulle registration or ordered a copy of the proceedings will in the next days receive a copy.

2. ParCo 99

Because of the high resonance of ParCo 97 we are motivated to pre-announce the next conference ParCo 99 in Delft, The Netherlands, in 17 - 20 August 1999 (33rd week). The hosting organisation is the Technical University of Delft.

For the announcement of the conference please click ParCo99 or look at t he Web-site of the housting organization

We would be very glad to welcome you and we invite you to contribute to this conference by a paper. Please reserve the week for ParCo 99.

Faculty of Information Technology and Systems
Department of Computer Science
P.O. Box 356
The Netherlands
15-2788700, Fax +31-15-2787141

We are looking forward to see you in Delft in 1999!

The ParCo Conference Committee

3. Conference report ParCo 97

One of the messages in this NEWS FLASH may be of interest to you.

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