Information for Authors

The proceedings of the ParCo2007 are intended to look as professional as the previous ones. Therefore, the authors are again asked to submit their papers as LaTeX-documents (including the source files and all graphics). 

General Guidelines

The editors collect all papers and assemble them into one large document which will be printed as the proceedings. This assembly process will be easier if the authors of the individual papers follow a few guidelines.
  1. Paper size limits:
    • Keynote papers: 12 pages/paper.
    • Contributed papers: 8 pages/contributed paper.
    Please note that papers with more pages than the limit will not be included in the proceeding.
  2. Please do not change font sizes or margins to fit your document into the page limit.
  3. The proceedings will be printed in greyscale. Therefore only greyscale images and figures will be accepted. Please make sure that the images have enough contrast so that the figures show what you anticipate.
  4. If possible try to refrain from defining or redefining commands and environments. Doing so affects all papers following yours in the proceedings. If you need to define your own commands, use the \providecommmand or \provideenvironment commands offered by LATEX.
  5. Although it makes life easier to spread a paper over various tex-files, it complicates error search for the editors. Please copy all your tex-files into one file prior to your final submission.

Conference Papers

Authors of contributed papers, who were notified by the Program Committee Chairs that their paper was accepted, should note that this acceptance pertains to the right to present the paper during the ParCo2007 conference. Presentation of a paper does not automatically imply acceptance of the paper for publication in the conference proceedings.

In order for papers to be accepted for publication in the proceedings, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The paper must be presented by one of the authors, who has registered as a delegate.
  2. The presented paper will be reviewed and the author(s) is(are) required to adapt the paper according to the recommendations made by the reviewers.
  3. The paper must be formatted according to the ParCo LaTeX style as described above.
  4. In order to enable the publication of a booklet with abstracts of all papers presented at the conference an 1-page (A4) abstract must be submitted by 31 July 2007. This abstract should use the same formatting rules and style file as a regular paper but only contains a single unnumbered section named "Abstract" (see also example file provided above).
  5. A draft version of the paper, maximum of 8 pages, must be submitted by 31 July 2007.
  6. The final corrected version of the paper must be a maximum of 8 pages submitted by 15 October 2007.
  7. Additional two pages can be purchased for EUR 100 together with the registration of the delegate author.

Mini-Symposium Papers

Participants in Mini-Symposia may also have their papers published in the conference proceedings. This will be arranged by the respective organisers. The organisers shall be responsible for the reviewing of the papers. The same conditions as for conference papers with respect to style, length and the final deadlines for 1-page abstracts and final papers apply.

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